Custom lanyards that suit your needs

There are thousands of reasons why you would like to have custom lanyards, or any other lanyards that you can lay your hands on. Lanyards are very useful for they have this functionality that is unique to lanyards that will always make them a well sought after item. Lanyards have their important part to play in keeping your items near, and will prevent them from getting dropped or lost. It is a very effective in keeping your precious items near you and will give you enough slack to use that item when you have to without even detaching the lanyard from your belt or coat.

There are many uses for custom lanyards, as there are many uses for personalized lanyards.

They range from the very basic and practical, to elegant and even downright tactical. These are only some of its uses and there is still so much more functions that personalized lanyards can offer and give you.

Leather custom lanyards are very elegant and very useful. It is also well appreciated by people who have material sensitivities. Most people who are sensitive to metals and other synthetic materials like rubber, nylon and polyester would definitely prefer leather. Leather lanyards can usually found with outdoor equipment store as leather is most suitable when going out to rugged terrain with the possibility of excessive moisture. Also they are well suited to be in partner with leather bags and as an accessory to mobile phones and mobile gadgets which enclosed in leather cases.

Custom lanyardsMetals are strong and very durable which makes them very suitable as a material in making custom lanyards. Metals are easily formed and shaped which make them a well preferred material in making personalized lanyards. When polished, metals give a luster unique to its own, very eye catching and shine which almost is not easy to pass.

Metallic custom lanyards are very elegant looking especially when they are made of stainless steel, silver or gold. While stainless steel is strong, shiny and easy to customize they are less valuable than the other two materials mentioned, yet it is very useful in keeping your keys and wallet safe within your reach.

While silver and gold costs more than stainless steel they still have their very own elegant part to play still. Silver can very well function as a lanyard for a lot of elegant time pieces which are so elegant that they can only be carried as pocket watches. Customized precision pocket watches are very valuable and elegant that they need elegant lanyards to go with them. Silver watches need silver lanyards, and gold fabulous time piece should be secured with the appropriate gold lanyard. Most elegant precision time pieces are custom made, so it is only appropriate that they are paired with silver or gold custom lanyards to complete the set.

For strength, durability, ruggedness and quick deployment purposes you will need a whole new level and type of materials which are now readily available in the market. Such materials as nylon, polymer, Kevlar and other synthetic materials are appropriate for this type of custom lanyards. These rugged custom made lanyards are best applied to military or tactical use.

They need to be strong so they are not easily broken or cut for safety and protective reasons. Tactical custom lanyards must be very flexible yet as strong as steel for it to be practical that is why they are mostly made from nylon, canvass, Kevlar or a mix of materials for them to meet tactical standards. These lanyards must withstand extreme weather conditions without or little change with their strength and flexibility, and they must also be reliable when used as any tactical way possible as you will never know when a pistol lanyard can easily become a lifeline out in the tactical field.

Custom lanyards have their own functions and uses according to how they are made, what they are made of and what they are designed to be used for. Whatever that those uses are, one way or another you will want a lanyard to use yourself sooner than later.

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Ways to Find Cheap Golf Clubs Deals

You do not have to spend a fortune to buy expensive, brand new golf clubs. Cheap golf clubs are within your reach and budget – there’s no need to quality and performance either. What should you do to find those discounted deals? Where can you find them?

You have three choices: used equipment, discounts sales, and clearance sales. All you need to do is scout and search the internet or your local stores for these.

Used Golf Clubs

golf clubPre-owned clubs may not be as shiny as brand new ones but you can still use them in many rounds for a couple of years or even beyond, as long as you exercise proper care for your equipment. Aside from frayed grips and faded shafts, the club is as good as the new one. Quality is still top notch. Scratches are present but only minimal. Besides, retailers who accept trade-ins see to it that the heads of all clubs they’re getting are dent-free. They will not accept golf clubs with even a slight damage in the club head.

Buying cheap golf clubs does not mean you have to forego performance. Even with pre-owned clubs, you would still have the chance to choose the design, custom fit the shaft length for you, and enjoy maximum performance.

Discounted price

Retail stores offer discounts to their customers from time to time, especially to their returning buyers. At other times, discounts become available when you avail of a package deal such a set of irons, or pair of wedges. Most often, discounts are available when you buy during holiday seasons such as Christmas, New Year, and Black Friday.

However, package deals do come with disadvantages. In discounted package deals, golf clubs that are selling well are usually paired with golf clubs that are not selling that well. Branded items are grouped with those from not-so-popular brands. This means, you might end up with clubs that you do not need. If in case this happens, you can always trade the club you do not need. Swap it with a colleague who might have a use for it, or with someone who’s simply collecting clubs for fun.

Discount rates go as low as 10% but reach as high as 40%. Aside from the holidays, the best time to shop for clubs at a discounted rate is when leading manufacturers announce or recently release a new model to distributors and retailers.

Clearance Sale

Clearance sales are almost the same as discount promos except that the sales do not always coincide with the holidays. Most of the time, clearance sales happen when a retailer wants to get rid of inventory stocks that are obsolete, or when new stocks are arriving. The discount rate during clearance sales ranges from 50% up to as high as 80%.

Since it is a clearance sale, some items may be slightly damaged. Scratches, minor dents, and rattling club heads are somewhat common. As a buyer, inspecting the golf club is your responsibility. Look for any scratches or dents. Try swinging the product you are eyeing to buy. Unnoticeable minor scratches and dents are okay. Never buy a club that rattles.
Where can you buy cheap golf clubs? You can buy discounted golf clubs in retailers, online stores, online auctions, and clearance outlets.

Retailers and Clearance Outlet

Each establishment offers different discount rates and sale packages. To maximize your savings, compare prices before buying. Retailers and clearance outlets are more secure options when it comes to purchasing golf clubs. You can visit them anytime when you have finally decided on the product you’ll be getting.

Online Stores and Auction

Another way of buying cheap golf clubs is through online auctions. Online stores and auctions are riskier since you do not have the chance to inspect the items before they arrive at your doorstep. Before paying for any purchase through an online auction or store, be extremely cautious. To make things simpler for you, just consider these reminders as you shop:

1. It would be best to buy from an online store that has a retail establishment.

2. Buy only from reputable online stores. Reputability means the online retail store is an authorized dealer. It also encompasses good customer service, especially when it comes to replacing a defective golf club or dealing with other concerns.

3. Ask for a second opinion from a colleague.

4. Find a local online auction. Even international online auctions have regional offices around the globe.

5. Transact only with people whom you could invite for a video chat to see the actual item even through a webcam. Better yet, deal with people who are within your locale so that you could meet at a certain place to complete the transaction.

6. Interview the seller if you are buying your golf clubs through an online auction. Know how the person acquired the clubs being sold. It might also be advantageous to know why they’ve been put up for sale.

You can enjoy excellent quality cheap golf clubs as long as you know where to look. One more advice – do not buy every golf club you’ll be using from a discount or clearance sale.

Remember, your golf club is your workforce during a game. Thus, invest also in buying one or two brand new golf clubs, especially those that you’ll be using a lot. For the ones you’ll rarely use, you may opt to buy them cheap or discounted.

Honoring Soldiers with Military Coins

Military coins are also commonly referred to as military challenge coins, commander’s coin, unit challenge coins, unit coins, and memorial coins. They are used as a way of identifying the membership, patronage and support of a soldier. These coins are especially minted to enhance the sense of self-respect of soldiers and to develop camaraderie among unit members. They symbolize the pride and honor of the brave men and women in the field of the military. These coins serve as the emblem of the establishment, which is expected to live up to the expectations of the country.

Military challenge coins is believed to have originated in World War I. Air warfare was extremely popular by that time. Volunteer pilots from different walks of life joined the flying squadrons, which were created by the army. Most of those pilots are wealthy students who decided to leave their studies to experience the method of warfare and to defend the country.

Military coinsOne of the student pilots got so impressed with the bond he has developed with other members of the squadron. He gave gold plated bronze coins to his fellow squadron members as a token of their strong bond. These coins had engraved emblem of their squadron and were quite expensive.

One of the recipients of the military coins placed the items in his leather pouch, which he wore around his neck. This pilot was captured during the course of the war and his captors took away all his belongings. However, they missed the coins that the soldier kept safely. Then, the British Army attacked the place, which created confusion. The pilot managed to escape due to the situation. During his escape, he was found by a French patrol that was looking for German spies. The French group decided to execute the soldier.

Out of desperation, the pilot took his coins and showed them to the French captors. Fortunately, one among the group of French soldiers recognized the emblem on the coins, so the pilot was identified to be an American soldier. Because of his military coins, he was able to escape death and return to his unit safely. This incident led to a new tradition in the military. Members have begun to bring their coins anywhere they go. They often use the coins to challenge one another to make sure that every member complies with the tradition.

Today, the use of challenge has become extremely popular not only in the field of the military but also in various groups and organizations. These coins are used to enhance the morale of every member of an organization. They are an excellent way to motivate and promote outstanding members of any group or organization. They also serve as a tribute to all the members of an organization during special occasions. They are also available for sale during fundraising events. Challenge coins symbolize the exceptional acts and loyalty of the members of any organization, not to mention they are great ways to easily identify the membership of a certain person. Military coins definitely provide so many different uses to any field in the society. Challengecoins4less is your one-stop source for great custom coins and Military coins needs.

Military challenge coins are also extremely popular among collectors. Perhaps this is because of the fact that these items carry a great deal of significance on the history of the country and the whole world. Many collectors look for the rarest designs of military coins, as they are believed to be highly valuable in general. They look for these items at various military supply shops in order to obtain authentic pieces. These military challenge coins are extremely valuable not only monetarily but also when it comes to the honor they provide to the owner. These coins are a symbol of goodwill, bravery, selflessness and pride of the country.

Interesting Trivia on Custom Military Coins

Military CoinsKnowledge about custom military coins may be limited in some people outside the United States. This is simply because these coins are particularly relevant to the country’s military service personnel who were believed to have started the practice of making and using these coins. But,the existence of these coins has actually crossed the borders of the US and has reached other shores one way or another, either physically or through scenes from popular culture like movies and television programs.

It is a fact that custom military coins have become an identity symbol for the military personnel. There are also various non-military uses for these coins. Here are some interesting facts that can be shared by enthusiasts all over the world:

• The Army Engineer Association’s Engineer Regimental Store houses the largest collection of Army Engineer-related coins. The coins that are displayed in one of the store’s large cabinets were donations from store customers who have visited the store since the late 1980s. The store is located in the Engineer Museum.

• During the World War 11, an American soldier carried a Philippine silver coin to verify his identity to Philippine guerillas. The silver coin carried the unit’s emblem on its side, a sign that he is indeed the soldier contact who is to rendezvous with the Philippine guerillas to help plan the attack against the Japanese.

• Even other organizations such as the National Football League or NFS, the Civil Air Patrol, the Eagle Scouts, The NASCAR, and the World Series of Poker use custom military coins or challenge coins. Police and fire departments as well as fraternities are also known to use these coins today.

• The Utah Symphony and Opera is the first US symphony organization to present challenge coins to all of its staff and musicians.

• The National Association of Buffalo Soldiers and Troopers Motorcycle Club reward members with their own coin bearing the Buffalo Soldier logo and the year it was established (1999). The coin is exclusively given by a National Officer or Chapter President to a member with a noteworthy achievement.

• The Harley Owners Group has also made its own challenge coin to owners of Harley Davidson motorcycles, and is available only through its website. According to the website, the coin is symbolic of the pride in owning a Harley motorbike, whether on the bike or off.

• Members of the American Radio Relay League who are Volunteer Examiners carry the VEC (Volunteer Examiner Coordinator) Challenger Coin. These are the members who are responsible for administering license examinations to amateur radio operators.

• The US Air Force personnel were given Iron Man 2 challenge coins in a show of gratitude for their cooperation during the filming of the movie on location at the Edwards Air Force Base.

• An Executive Producer’s Challenge Coin was given to the Big Bang Theory’s last Space Shuttle’s crew. The coins were given by executive producer Bill Prady.

• Video game companies like Treyarch gave challenge coins with certain packages for the release of the game Black Ops 2.

It can be concluded therefore that knowledge about custom military coins is not limited to the military personnel alone. It has become popular to merit mention in popular television programs, and has become an icon for people outside the military service.

Military Coins5Custom military coins have been featured in several television programs including JAG, where it is used in a flip-coin challenge to decide who will resign his or her military commission. In an episode of NCIS, a coin is shown as a means of identification. In Criminal Minds, Special Agent Derek Morgan possesses and displays a collection of custom military coins on his desk, and uses one of these coins to establish communication with a traumatized boy, even relating the story of how a coin has helped an American soldier be recognized by the French after escaping from the Germans during World War I.
It is interesting to note though, that in all of the mentioned occasions, custom military coins have been revered by organizations and individuals, and not taken lightly.